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“I just wanted to let you know I got my Nail extractor today and decided to try it out.  I have some salvaged pews from our church that are 40 to 50 years old.  We had pads installed sometime in the 70s.  When I removed the pads the nails used to hold the pads were impossible to remove with any of the tools I own.  With the Nail Extractor 95% of them just pull out.  This is going to save me time and material as I refinish the oak for other projects”.                 

                                                                                                                             Mike S.      Shiloh, IL

“I've never written a tool maker before, but I had to tell you what a fine tool you make. I had just removed some ballisters that had been installed with staples. I wanted to reuse them, but just dreaded the job of removing the staples. Then I saw your add in Workbench magazine, and ordered your nail extractor. I've just finished the job, and the tool paid for itself the first time I used it. My only regret is I wasn’t the one who invented it”.                                         

                                                                                                                             Bill M.     Wasco OR

My wife and I are rehabbing a Victorian, built in 1890.  Over the years it's gone thru a number of changes, notably the addition of many layers of flooring over the original hardwood.  Some delightful person used a pneumatic stapler to fasten 1/8" plywood over the top of the terrible looking linoleum that covered the original hardwood.  It must have been a new toy because there are 1 1/2 inch staples spaced about 2 inches apart on both sides of every seam.  Then to make sure it didn't move, staples were added randomly over the whole sheet of plywood. 

        I found your tool online while looking at DIY sites, trying to find easier ways to remove all these staples.  I can tell you that we aren't done yet, but we've removed half a coffee can full of staples and haven't gotten a hand-cramp yet!

Again,  Thank You for inventing such a wonderful tool.

                                                                                                                             Brad J.    Kansas City, KS

“My son-in-law bought me a nail extractor for a Christmas present, he is always talking about how well his works. I just want to say, I was impressed. I have pulled hundreds of nails on a restoration job the last three weeks and not one nail has been sheared. Great tool.”                              

                                                                                                                             Clay B.     Birmingham, AL

"Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service in sending my nail extractor.  I really bought it for my wife as she is the nail puller during our remodeling.  She loves it so I had to try it too.  Wow, what a great tool.  I will probably order a couple more for my son and son-in-law.  I've always used nail biters to pull nails but you can't squeeze to hard or you cut them off.  Doesn't happen with this tool.  Thanks again." 

                                                                                                                            Loren B.   Astoria, OR

"I bought one of your extractors at a woodworkers show recently. I wasn't sure how often I would use it but it looked interesting. I have been using the tool almost daily and it performs like a champ".

                                                                                                                           Lenney B.    Northern Virginia

"I ordered my nail extractor after speaking with you last week. It got here Monday as promised. Used it today. I love it.  Finally a tool that lives up to it’s billing.  What would have been a several hour job was done in 20 minutes."

                                                                                                                            Alec P.    Indianapolis, IN   

"I wanted to tell you how good it was to have done business with you, I got the tool faster than I had expected and used it for the first time last weekend it was great, worked better then I had expected.  I have recommended this tool to all my friends ... thanks for the great service and tool."
                                                                                                                            Dave B. Sr.     Layton UT

"... I am looking forward to receiving it. My father-in-law (who owns every tool every manufactured and a few hundred more that he made himself) has one and says it’s the best thing he’s seen in a long time."

                                                                                                                             Paul H         Sharon, VT

"I got to tell you, for a handyman/woodworker like myself.  This is one of the best tools to have around.  It's just unbelievable that this tool grabs the nail by the throat and yanks the heck out of it with ease.   So far this is one of the best investments I've made."

                                                                                                                             Rick V.  Los Angeles, CA

"After more than a year of looking at ads for the extractor, I decided that if it worked half as good as appeared, I would give it a try. Bottom line: it worked better than anticipated and save hours of work and skinned knuckles during an old wooden porch remodeling job. I am looking forward to the smaller version. There were occasions I would like to have had access to a larger one!

Thanks for a QUALITY tool".

                                                                                                                                  Bill      Lansing, MI

I like to disassemble wooden pallets to use the hardwood, and your tool is the only thing I've found that can remove those nasty spiral nails, rusty or otherwise.  I use a piece of pipe to increase leverage as shown on your website, and the nail extractor takes the punishment.  This tool deserves an award.

                                                                                                                           Fred B        Athans, Geogia

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Nail Extractor.  I build Jewerlry Boxes and other small products using reclaimed shipping pallots.  Before purchasing the Extractor, it used to take hours to remove the rusted bent nails from the pallots, now I am able to completly dissamble and de-nail a pallot in just over 30 min.  It has increased my productivity well over 100%.  Great product, well worth the cost.  It has paid for itself in a single afternoon.  Many Thanks.

                                                                                                                             Paul T       A Tree Reborn

"I ordered “The Extractor” first time, I found your address in Farm show.  Today was my first time to use it.  Wonderful!!  I am always bringing home boards and lumber from dumpster's, trash piles, etc. then cleaning them up to use for what ever comes to hand.  Today, I pulled some stainless steel nails from some pressure treated lumber I got from a construction trash pile.  Excellent tool!"

                                                                                                                             Paul K.   St Augustine, FL


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