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The patented design allows this nail puller to create a grip that absolutely will not slip or shear. The revolutionary design always keeps the minimum gripping force required to prevent slippage, allowing this tool to have a grip so gentle, it can pull tiny pin-nails and staples, even fabric. When the tool’s jaws sense a micro-amount of slippage occurring, the jaws automatically increase the gripping force. In other words “the tool is always almost ready to slip off the object but will never slip off”. This unique ability takes place without squeezing the handles, only requiring the user to keep both jaws touching the object until resistance is encountered, after that The Extractor is as good as welded on, only releasing when the user stops prying. This auto-locking ability is so unyielding, that an extension pipe can be used on the upper handle to create thousands of pounds of lifting force.

With the added benefit of parallel jaws that evenly distribute the gripping force up and down the length of the fastener, again eliminating the chance of slippage or shearing. If it is mechanically possible to remove one object from another

The Extractor will do it!


  • Creates a grip unequaled by any other pliers in existence.
  • Pulls headed nails with more leverage than a hammer or pry bar.
  • Auto-locking jaws mean the user will not experience hand cramps from squeezing the handles
  • Grips and removes slender body pneumatic fasteners without shearing.
  • Removes nails damaged by the use of conventional tools: hammer, pry bar, etc.
  • Extracts long staples and nails in a single motion, no need to ratchet the fastener out
  • Works in hard to reach areas that other tools cannot.
  • Tool automatically creates the ideal gripping force.
  • Saves time, money and prevents frustration.


My name is Jeff Wagner, I designed and engineered The Extractor and have been marketing it since late 2005. Since then my pals at Crescent tools have made a variation of my concept, which at first glance may look like it functions and has the versatility as mine, but it doesn't. I guess Crescent was interested after all, but not in the way I hoped.

This made any advertising worthless and the whole endeavor just a money pit (interest on the start-up money). I cannot compete with a billion dollar company with unlimited distribution. So I was thinking of quitting, but my tool is superior and I plan to prove it! 

I have been building crazy (some ridiculous) machines all my life. I was thinking maybe if I post those it might create some traffic. I guess it would be my Portfolio. Also posting would allow them to be seen by others. Which is a better fate then the other machines/tools that have gone to the great scrap yard in the sky with a only couple people ever seeing them.


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With other nail extractors, once the nail pulling job is done, it's just another useless tool. Most can't even perform the most basic gripping task. The Extractor was actually developed to be a pair of heavy duty parallel jaw pliers. There aren't many options in parallel jaw pliers, and the ones available are far from heavy duty. The Extractor with its unique levered jaw allows it to grip anything up 7/8 of an inch without any distortion from parallel, no matter how much force is applied, guaranteed! The Extractor will open whole new ways of thinking about pliers and what they can do.


The Extractor’s unique orientation allows the tool to lay perfectly flat and the jaws to be perpendicular to a surface. The curved heel’s size supplies over 2.5 square inches in surface area giving the tool a large stable footprint. When combined with the parallel jaws you now have a mini bench vise. This is perfect for use on machine tool beds where small parts can be held in a vise-like grip. This protects the user from dangerous cutting blades or excessive heat build-up.


Ways to hold small parts reliably in field locations can be nearly impossible. The Extractor's lay-flat design, parallel jaws and high levered grip ratio allows it to be a mini field vise. Just clamp the jaws and squeeze and the part is held securely locked in the X, Y, and Z plane. The user now has all the benefits of a small precision vise in their hand, an ability not offered by other pliers. For added versatility the Extractor can be placed on a nail or screw embedded into an solid object to hold small parts for more aggressive cutting, drilling, or filing.




Ideal For:

Finish Carpentry
Metal Work


          Farm       Automotive


  • Parallel jaws allow the maximum contact with fastener and reduce the risk of shearing.
  • Curved heel enables the fastener to be lifted, with minimal damage to surface.
  • Serrated teeth create a slip free grip even on the most stubborn objects.
  • Non-slip cushion grips offer a better grip with more comfort.
  • Black phosphate coating resists rust and corrosion.
  • Long handles provide greater leverage.
  • Drop forged construction offers unsurpassed durability against abuse and the elements.
  • Solid Pressed Rivet construction provides a life time of durability.
  • Flat profile holds small objects in a mini vise-like jaw.
    The entire tool is drop forged of the same steel used in the jaws of bolt-cutters. In addition, all 22 teeth are induction hardened to the same Rockwell hardness equal to a high grade of wire cutter.


  • Model #: HL-1121
  • Length: 11 inches (280 mm)
  • Weight : 21 ounces (560grams)
  • Jaw max. opening: 7/8" (23mm)
  • Jaw width: 15/32" (15mm)
  • Jaw length: 1 1/8" (28 mm)
  • Material:  Chromium Molybdenum Steel   
  • Tooth hardness: HRC 53-56
  • Country of origin: Taiwan 


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